Noble-Gas Chemistry Archive

Many interesting publications on the chemistry of noble gases (Ng) are unfortunately not available in digital format.

This small archive is our ongoing effort to provide the access to some of these works …


Über die Synthese von XeF6
(On the Synthesis of XeF6)
J. Slivnik, B. Brčić, B. Volavšek, J. Marsel, V. Vrščaj, A. Šmalc, B. Frlec, Z. Zemljič
Croatica Chemica Acta 1962, 34, 253.  PDF

Die Synthese von Bromtrifluorid in einer Glasapparatur
(The Synthesis of BrF3 in a Glass Apparatus)
J. Slivnik, A. Zemljič
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Društva 1962, 9(3–4), 57–59.  PDF

Unusual Oxidation States of the Noble Elements    (Review)
N. Bartlett
Chemistry in Canada 1963, 15, 33–40.  PDF

Noble-Gas Compounds    (Review)
N. Bartlett
International Science and Technology 1964, 33, 55–66.  PDF

The chemistry of the noble gases    (Review)
N. Bartlett
Endeavour 1964, 23, 3–7.  PDF

A Research Problem: Inert (?) Gas Compounds    (Video)
G. C. Pimentel, J. J. Turner
CHEM-Study, College of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley 1964.  MP4 (75 MB)  MP4 (594 MB)  {use right click & Save Link As}

Chemistry of the noble gases    (Review)
N. N. Greenwood
Education in Chemistry 1964, 1, 176–188.  PDF

The compounds of the noble gases    (Review)
G. J. Moody, J. D. R. Thomas
Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry 1964, 88, 31–33.  PDF

The Chemistry of the noble gases    (Popular Science)
C. L. Chernick
Understanding the Atom Series, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1967, pp. 48.  PDF


Kemija žlahtnih plinov    (Popular Science)
(Noble-Gas Chemistry)
J. Slivnik, A. Šmalc
Proteus 1971, 33(6), 243–252.  PDF

Noble-gas compounds    (Review)
N. Bartlett
Endeavour 1972, 31, 107–112.  PDF

Lively Xenon    (Audio)
N. Bartlett, S. Finley
Men & Molecules (Tape Cassette), American Chemical Society, 1972.  MP3 (23 MB)  {use right click & Save Link As}

On the preparation of pure xenon tetrafluoride
M. Bohinc, J. Slivnik
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Društva 1973, 20, 9–12.  PDF

The influence of some hexafluoromanganates(IV) on the reaction between xenon and fluorine under pressure
J. Levec, J. Slivnik, B. Žemva
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Društva 1973, 20, 13–20.  PDF

The Krypton Difluoride–Bromine Pentafluoride Binary System
V. N. Prusakov, V. B. Sokolov
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry 1974, 45, 1673–1674.  PDF

The reaction of krypton difluoride with xenon hexafluoride in nonaqueous solvents
V. D. Klimov, V. N. Prusakov, V. B. Sokolov
Doklady Chemistry 1974, 217, 549–551.  PDF

Production of higher fluorides of platinum group metals in anhydrous solvents
V. B. Sokolov, Yu. V. Drobyshevskii, V. N. Prusakov, A. V. Ryzhkov, S. S. Khoroshev
Doklady Chemistry 1976, 229, 503–505.  PDF

Nova sinteza kriptonovega difluorida    (Popular Science)
(A New Synthesis of Krypton Difluoride)
A. Šmalc, J. Slivnik
Proteus 1976, 38(8), 309–311.  PDF

Synthesis of krypton difluoride using a thermally generated flow of atomic fluorine
V. N. Bezmel’nitsyn, V. A. Legasov, B. B. Chaivanov
Doklady Chemistry 1977, 235, 365–367.  PDF


Raziskave fotokemijskih reakcij z elementarnim fluorom
(Investigations of photochemical reactions with elementary fluorine)
A. Šmalc, K. Lutar
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Društva 1983, 30(3), 345–355.  PDF

Concerning XeF2 interactions with XeF5+MF6, the existance of XeF2·XeF5+RuF6 and the absence of XeF2·XeF5+NbF6
B. Žemva, L. Golič, J. Slivnik
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Društva 1983, 30(3), 365–376.  PDF

On the synthesis of Xenon (VI) fluoroargentate (III)
K. Lutar, A. Jesih, B. Žemva
Revue de Chimie Minérale 1986, 23, 565–571.  PDF

Twenty-five years of noble gas chemistry    (Popular Science)
J. Holloway
Chemistry in Britain 1987, 23(7), 658–664.  PDF

Binary Fluorides of Noble-Gases and Their Compounds    (Review)
B. Žemva
Croatica Chemica Acta 1988, 61(1), 163–187.  PDF

Fotokemična sinteza ksenonovega difluorida v večjem laboratorijskem merilu
(On a Large Laboratory Scale Photochemical Synthesis of Xenon Difluoride)
K. Lutar, A. Šmalc
Kemija u Industriji 1989, 38(12), 589–591.  PDF


Vibrational spectra and crystal structure of (XeF5)2NiF6 and its decomposition in the laser beam followed by raman spectroscopy
A. Jesih, K. Lutar, I. Leban, B. Žemva
European Journal of Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry 1991, 28, 829–840.  PDF

XeF2·CrF4 and (XeF5+CrF5)4·XeF4: Syntheses, crystal structures and some properties
K. Lutar, I. Leban, T. Ogrin, B. Žemva
European Journal of Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry 1992, 29, 713–727.  PDF

Syntheses, some properties and Infrared and Raman spectra of new xenon(VI) fluorometalates of rare earth elements
M. Fele Beuermann, S. Milićev, K. Lutar, B. Žemva
European Journal of Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry 1994, 31, 545–556.  PDF