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Photochemical synthesis of KrF2 from liquid F2 and solid Kr at −196 °C (Photo: M. Lozinšek)

This image was published in:

  • Nature Chemistry
    In Your Element: The world of krypton revisited
    Matic Lozinšek and Gary J. Schrobilgen consider krypton — namesake of Superman’s home planet — its superoxidant compounds, and their roles in coaxing elements into their highest oxidation states
  • Chemical & Engineering News
    To get noble gases to forge bonds, chemists go to extremes by Bethany Halford
    Despite challenging conditions and a lack of funding, some researchers still see rewards in coaxing reactivity from these nearly inert elements
  • ACS Central Science
    Coaxing Reactivity from the Noble Gases by Bethany Halford
    Rule-breaking chemists go to extremes to make the least-reactive elements forge bonds


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Liquid Nitrogen Geysir - from the Festival della Scienza 2019, Genoa, Italy.